We desire to have a time focused on knowing, experiencing, and enjoying our wonderful Lord. In order to have a safe and enjoyable time centered on the Lord and free from distractions, we have rules and guidelines. The goal of these rules and guidelines is that God would have our full cooperation so that He can grow to the fullest extent in each one of us during this time.

  • Bring the Bible (physical copy), conference packet, notebook and pen/pencil to each meeting.
  • Clothing (including masks) should be appropriate for meetings – no distracting or inappropriate images or words.
  • Brothers should wear conservative shirts and long pants and sisters should wear modest (not tight or short) dresses, skirts, or pants (no leggings) and modest blouses (not tight or sheer) with sleeves during the meetings.
  • No flip flops, shorts, or t-shirts (except for SST, Gospel Camp, or Bible Camp t-shirts) shall be worn in meetings.
  • Shorts can be worn during recreation, but they must be long, loose fitting and modest in appearance.

Device Usage Policy

Cell phones should be used only when necessary and should be used in a responsible and sanctified manner (no social media, Discord, YouTube, gaming, music, internet browsing, etc.). They should not be used during the meetings. Cell phones will be collected at bedtime by the serving ones and returned in the morning. Repeated violation may lead to confiscation by serving ones and returned after the conference.